College Essay Consultant Reacts to College Admissions Scandal

hello everyone Alexa done here and today I’m going to be going slightly off-topic kind of if you’re new to the channel this is primarily a channel about writing and publishing as I am a young adult author however another aspect of my life you may or may not know about is I do college essay consulting I have been helping underprivileged students in Los Angeles get into college for five or six years now and for about two years I also did paid essay consulting I had to stop doing that when I got my book deal with I got super super busy but I continued to do my pro bono work because it’s something about which I am very passionate generally I’m passionate about college admissions and helping underprivileged students in particular because I am a lower middle class person whose life was significantly changed by a scholarship to an elite university as someone with a keen interest in the transformative power of Education I’d say politically I am more engaged with and passionate about issues of Education than any other topic because I think education is the critical thing that changes everything I think if we had better education in this country we wouldn’t have a lot of problems but specifically higher education and access and privilege has always been a hot topic for me and I’ve watched the college admissions industry because it is an industry it is an industrial complex almost I’ve watched it transform over the last 20 years since I was applying to college it is absolutely terrifying that it was almost but not quite 20 years ago and I was applying to college and things have changed completely when I was applying it didn’t even occur to me to take an SAT prep course like you’ve kind of knew about them but it was like why would you spend money on that and back then you could reasonably apply to four or five schools and no you would definitely get in to one of them and that just is not the case anymore you can be a straight-a student with pretty good test scores and be denied from every school you apply to though what I help students with in addition to essays is strategizing it’s very important where you apply college admissions is a very complex thing and then being involved on the SI consulting side helping people with their personal statements which I love doing I frequented many of the forums like college confidential or the applying to college subreddit on reddit and I am very I’ve been very tapped in to the insane insane world of college admissions which is the very long way to say we’re gonna be talking about the Bunker’s insane college admissions cheating scandal and my thoughts on it my reaction and what I think a lot of people are kind of missing in this whole thing well I’ll tell you I think the biggest thing people are missing is duh-duh I was not surprised at all when this story broke on Tuesday morning I laughed and I have been reading the indictment with delight because yes permeate is pleasure reading it is an entertainment duh because the thing is rich people people with money privilege rich people have been cheating in college admissions forever college admissions college is already naturally skewed in favor of people with money oh it’s husband why are we surprised I think any person who comes from a lower class background who’s gone to any fancy elite college institution has known this knows this in their blood we exchange looks and go obviously and I didn’t even go to a super fancy school like an Ivy I went to a mid-tier elite but even there I saw it the children of celebrities and CEOs of some of the biggest companies in the world their kids went to school with me and it’s the difference between your classmates have millions and millions of dollars and you have a scholarship and you need a work-study job to buy your books supplies like very different and really the biggest place where you see it of course when you graduate and the people who have money it’s so easy for them to move to the big city and intern for free well you have to move home live at home and can’t get a job in the industry that you’d like because you can’t move to the big city education should be the great equalizer and is great and it does game-changer but it always has been always will be harder for people who don’t have as much money and specific to college admissions it always has been always will be easier for people with money resources and privilege to look amazing on paper and ultimately that’s mostly all that college admissions committees have for admission they have your stats on paper they have your GPA and information on your classes and your SAT or a CT scores they get a personal essay from you information on your activities and honors and awards some schools interview but I’ll tell you interviews very rarely have any significant impact on admissions it really is all about that core admissions package and the more money and privilege you have the better that package is going to be just by default of growing up in a nicer area you’re going to go to better schools that have more AP classes more challenging curriculum better teachers more extracurriculars because they’re better funded you’re more likely to have parents who either have the time or the funding to drive you to things to provide you with all of this enrichment SAT prep courses AC t– prep courses special summer courses it all rolls like a snowball down hill into when you come from privilege you’re going to have the fanciest best admissions package and if you’re anyone else it is a harder struggle to look as good on paper to present yourself as well to have hope chance in hell of getting into these institutions and the thing is these institutions these elite schools are mostly full of privileged rich people it’s not just the children of celebrities in the mega-rich but a lot of them what floors me the most honestly about this whole thing is the specificity and the need to commit a federal crime to get their rich children for these rich people to get their rich ass children into specific schools because I can tell you this Lori Loughlin and Felicity Hoffman’s kids would not have had a problem getting into any elite school I can’t tell you exactly which one and I certainly can’t guarantee it would have been the one over there choice USC for Lori Loughlin skits for example but money helps enormous ly in admissions it is the secret not so secret sauce and while technically the financial aid and the admissions departments are separate people know when you have money there are so many clues that an application that someone comes from money and colleges love money you have to submit not only the FAFSA which is the federal application for financial aid but also the CSS profile at most private schools and the CSS profile reveals all the financial information for the parents real estate holdings liquid assets investments everything savings accounts they know if you have a ton of money and schools love money and if you have a ton of money your odds of getting into an elite school are higher because they love money colleges aren’t gonna outright admit this but it is just a known fact in college admissions if you have a ton of money if your parents can afford to pay for these schools which cost upwards of sixty five thousand dollars a year and it goes up every year it was $42,000 a year when I graduated in 2006 it was average like sixty-five thousand dollars a year a couple years ago I think NYU’s up to 72 at this point if you have money one or more elite schools are going to accept you it’s just not the guarantee of this specific one and so I’m floored that these rich and title apples so specifically wanted to get into Yale the deciding to commit a federal crime rich people and like I said it just floors me because if it wasn’t gale that child whose parents feed one for two million dollars to lie to get them into Yale as a fake sports recruitment case I bet they could have gotten into any other school at least one school in the top twenty or thirty even if you don’t have the best scores cheating for SAT test scores here’s the thing you already have a cheat rich people it’s called SAT prep you can spend thousands of dollars to teach your child how to beat the exam this has been a thing for 20 plus years this secret to the SAT and the AC T it’s not about how smart you are it is test-taking skills and being taught to take the exam it’s not gonna magic you up a perfect score but it can definitely give you a boost so Felicity Huffman x’ kid on the PSAT was pulling around a thousand I bet you with some rigorous test prep she could have organically gotten her own maybe 1200 something and I’ll tell you if your richest you don’t need the highest SAT score to get into a great school probably not Stanford or Georgetown but you never know so that’s my view on this whole thing I am NOT surprised at all I honestly think it’s hilarious these cheats are already in place and that’s the thing that you really need to know these are not extreme examples this happens all the time instead of committing a federal crime to cheat on SATs privileged people rich people just pay thousands of dollars for prep courses that train their kids to do better than other people who don’t have those resources wealthy people have the funds to send their kids to the school of their choice including often really expensive private schools that are unofficially known as feeder schools for these elite schools that is a natural cheat that has been built into the system for literally ever still a thing even if it’s not a super elite private schools wealthy people are more likely to live in really wealthy school districts and the wealthier the school district the better the public schools this is already a cheat that’s in place the United States already has a severe income inequality problem and thus also a severe education inequality problem we’ve had this for a very long time it’s just gotten exponentially worse as post-secondary education a college education has become necessary almost required for getting a decent job and having any hopes to youths in hell of ascending to the middle class or staying there and thus because most colleges are businesses even if they’re not for-profit by the way there’s still businesses they can charge anything and they need to charge X amount to run the luxury facilities a lot of these schools and so that is how you get a school that can charge sixty five thousand dollars no ordinary human can afford that honestly even upper-middle-class can’t afford that upper middle class individuals who the rich are always going to be fine for a really long time the upper-middle class benefited the most from kind of this college system because it was readily attainable to them and just a given oh I go to college if I’m smart and accomplished enough I get to go to the school of my choice and as there’s been more and more competition and fewer and fewer spots and the schools have gotten more and more expensive suddenly the upper-middle class has been feeling a bit of a crunch there because suddenly oh they needs $30,000 of liquid assets a year that’s assuming half scholarships less financially by the way from these institutions which is often with someone upper middle class is going to get uhm now it’s like oh we have a problem like oh we’ve always had a problem because here’s the thing if you are any in any lower-class kind of racket these schools were always out of your reach always there’s something called gapping where even if you get into a fancy school and they give you a full scholarship there can be a fifteen thousand dollar gap of what you owe because of room and board and whatnot it’s not all covered and then that lower-income student they can’t attend that college even though they got in and even though they got a full scholarship this happens all the time the system has never been fair so yeah that’s my hot take about this whole college admissions cheating scandal not surprised totally expected it sure we have 50 people facing federal indictment but is anything going to change not really college admissions has been a pay-for-play system for a while and as long as we’re not cracking down on SAT prep college admissions companies that charge exorbitant fees to many families to help their kids get into school I did kind of the low level of it which is paid SI consulting which i think is a legitimate business I think you know you can charge a reasonable price to help students with their essays but you’re still benefiting the middle class and upper middle class who can afford that but there are services above me on net that costs tens of thousands of dollars a year that guarantee elite school admissions because they’re more holistic they work with students for years to basically craft them into the perfect applicant and the only people who can afford that are people with large amounts of liquid income this has been in place forever this federal cheating scandal is just a new next level so give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and maybe I’ll go off-topic more often I could talk about college admissions until the cows come home and if you’re not a racist go to the channel and you want some writing content that’s what I normally post I post two to three times a week thank you so much for watching as always guys happy laughing at insane college domitius cuz I certainly am

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