Our Legacy - A lesson in History

Shree Hari Industries (Hari Oil Mills) is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Indian edible oil manufacturing organization
An active Freedom Fighter & our Founder, Late Lala Haricharan Lal Agarwal shared a humble beginning. Driven by passion and desire to give back to society, In 1958, he started the journey of Engine when he bought an old oil factory and started what today is Engine. With just 8 Kolhus (Oil Crushing Machines) he set out on a mission to deliver quality products to every household across India.
In 1962, our mustard oil received the Agmark Certification by the Government of India and from there began our journey to fulfil the ambition to make Engine a household name across India. The hard work and determination yielded results and with God’s grace, the facility was upgraded from a modest 8 Kolhus to 50 Kolhus by the mid-70s.
Going forward, the leadership of Shri Kedarnath Agarwal Ji paved the way for the company’s success. Our company expanded production operations in a new plant in Mathura with 120 Kolhus in the year 1983.
As the times changed, so did the needs of people. Engine adapted to this change by introducing bottle packaging for all its products by the mid-80s and cost-effective oil pouches by late-80s respectively. Willingness to adapt to customer’s changing needs and the will to serve them the best has made Engine stand the test of time and expand our business throughout these years.
By the year 1990 Shri Hari Group of Industries had scaled up the capacities to 150 Kolhus.
We take pride in the quality of our oil. Providing the finest quality of oil has been our motto since day 1. Even when licenses of almost 99% of oil mills were cancelled by the Government due to the presence of Argemone in their mustard oil, Engine stood tall among the 1% which were permitted to operate because we choose to never compromise on our quality.
We continued to expand our business to cater to more customers leading to the establishment of another mill in Bharatpur with a capacity of 200 Kohlus. Inching much closer towards our ambition of becoming a household name, Shri Hari Group of Industries scaled up operations to 400 Kolhus by 2018 and the Mathura plant expanded its operations to 200 Kolhus. Another milestone in the pursuit of the bigger dream.
We have come a long way from our humble beginnings of producing Kachi Ghani Oil in a modest setup of 8 Kolhus. As our production capabilities are ramping up with every passing year, the line of products we offer has seen a boost as well. As business grew we have expanded our product range to include a wide variety of products including a variety of soft oils and our Samriddhi range of products.
To make sure we can deliver the best quality products we have expanded our sales via a wide network of dealerships and outlets across the country and have expanded ever since. In addition to that, we started the sale of our quality products through online channels as well. 
Every step we take forward is a step towards materializing the ambition Engine has set out to achieve under the guidance of our visionary founder, Late Haricharan Ji, that is, to make Engine synonymous with purity and quality in every household across India. We have dedicated three generations so far serving the people of our country without compromising with the quality and we continue to do so for many more to come.