5 reasons why you should to mustard oil for your hair

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Living in India, it is impossible to have never eaten something cooked in mustard oil. Knowing or unknowingly we all have a favorite dish cooked in mustard oil. From the craving pyaz ke pakode to the tangy aam ka aachar that tickles our taste buds, many dishes that we love taste the way they do only because they are cooked in mustard oil. That’s not all, there are many others reasons to include mustard oil in your lifestyle other than for tastier food. One of the most important being the nourishment properties in mustard oil that could do wonders for your hair.

Let’s face it, a good head of hair for life is something we all crave within. For quite a lot of us our hair becomes a part of our personality. However, like most good things in life, a lot of us end up losing hair as we age. There are multiple reasons for that, genetics being the inevitable one. Nevertheless, many people are losing hair pre-maturely or the quality of their hair is just getting poorer.

There can be multiple reasons ranging from poor-diet to lack of sleep to excessive use of chemicals products, which cause all kinds of damage to your hair. It might feel helpless to be at mercy of your genes and environment but there is something you can do about it.

Mustard oil are rich in many minerals essential to maintain a healthy head of hair. Let’s look at some of them.

  1. It’s a natural conditioner
    Mustard oil helps to keep your hair hydrated. As well-hydrated hair grows fasters and looks healthier, mustard oil contains alpha fatty acid, which helps in providing hydration to your hair making it soft, silky and gain volume.
  1. Packed with essential minerals and vitamins
    A great source of iron, mustard oil is rich in calcium and loaded with Vitamin A, D, E and K. This helps in damage repair and provides much-needed nourishment for your hair. Not just that, it also packs the goodness of zinc, beta-carotene and selenium that promotes hair growth.

  2. Loaded with anti-oxidants
    A rich source of anti-oxidants, mustard seeds contain natural anti-oxidants which protects your hair from extended exposure to pollution and extended sun exposure. Among the many important things anti-oxidants for your body, the most important one is improving blood circulation.

  3. Anti-inflammatory and Anti-fungal properties
    Mustard oil, being rich in fatty acids are also a great source of erucic acid and ALA content that helps fight all sorts of bacterial and fungal infections causing dandruff among other ailments. The fungal infections are the root cause of dry and itchy scalps which, if accumulated block hair follicles causing thinner and brittle hair.

  4. Promotes Hair Growth
    Hitting just the sweet spot of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in mustard oil, they form one of the most important stimulants for hair growth.

The benefits listed above definitely motivates one to include mustard oil in their lifestyle. Experts recommend massaging your scalp twice a week with pure mustard oil for maximum benefits. It is however important to note that the quality of mustard oil you use matters a lot. Pure mustard oil is recommended for hair.

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